Write about New York State's role in the American Revolution 3.

These countries’ people were very similar cause they were all separated in social classes and they also each had a group of citizen, usually higher class, that was still loyal to the king while you would have the citizen who were poor were the ones who wish to rebel against the king.
PLACES 2: •At the time of the American Revolution, America was not actually a country.

That is the basis for his reassertion of the revolutionarysignificance of America.

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The following .An essay or paper on The American Revolution DBQ.

During the American Revolution Breaking Down the DBQ topics covered in the essay.

3. Present the “” teacher-created presentation included in this packet. The presentation is automatic with narration. Give students the opportunity to ask questions after viewing the presentation. Lead students in a discussion about global affairs before the American Revolution. Ask: What major events were taking place in Europe 50 to100 years prior to the American Revolution? How did these events have an impact on the American colonies? (1 class period)

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I approached this lesson with a grand plan that was large in scope. If I had this to do again, I would change many aspects of my lesson. First I would give myself more time to plan. Secondly, I would scale down the scope of my lesson. I would also keep in mind that the details of history although cumbersome and complicated at times, are a necessary evil. I have learned a great deal from embarking on this type of assignment. Most of the lessons that I learned came from my students. Many students, including the students participating in this lesson have never been exposed to this level of historical thinking and questioning. Therefore I needed to take baby steps with my students to get them to the point of understanding what was necessary for this lesson to be a success. In hindsight and even during the course of the lesson, I knew that things went horribly wrong. Despite the complete and utter failure of my grand plan, I do think students took away much needed information about the American Revolution. The one thing that most students cited in their work was the idea that the American Revolution was fought as a response to taxes imposed by Great Britain. The student work submitted as a part of this portfolio does not really show any local connection or much evidence of even evaluating sources related to South Carolina. By this point, I was forced to rely on the textbook resources to help students understand what was going on in South Carolina. If I had another year to do this, I would definitely attempt this lesson again but I would use knowledge of my students to guide which documents I chose and how I presented those documents. My lesson was designed for high school honors level students. I teach neither high school students nor honors level students. This was the greatest flaw as is evident by the quality of work that is submitted. Despite my experiences with this lesson, I have learned a great deal and will continue to work to perfect lessons like this in the future.

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I attribute the structure of my lesson to the content lectures that I participated in as a student during the Midlands Institute. The daily content lessons made me think of history in a way that is different from most of the history classes that I have taken. During the course, I was able to make connections across time periods and events. Then I was able to put these events, people, and places together in uncommon ways. For example, when we were required to write an essay based on information from the book Stono: Documenting and Interpreting a Southern Slave Revolt by Mark Smith, I was able to clearly see the connection between The Negro Act, Charleston School for Negroes and the Treaty of Paris of all things. I found that this method of instructions aligns with my beliefs as a teacher of history. I believe that history is a way to understand people and their behaviors. I also seek to have my students engage in this level of understanding about history. As a result, I thought that the best way to help students understand the essence of the American Revolution through primary documents was to teach the causes and consequences instead of the regular names and dates.

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In the American Revolution, the outcome was that America was able to gain their independence, but mainly that they became free from their own ruler and was able to make their own choices.