WATCH Winners and Losers of the 3rd GOP Presidential Debate.

and North Vietnamese troops from South Vietnam, a proposition that Hanoi had repeatedly rejected – it nonetheless moved the domestic debate further toward disengagement. Kennedy’s assassination in Los Angeles on June 5, two months after Martin Luther King’s murder, was another great blow to peace activists. So, too, was the selection of Vice President Hubert Humphrey as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in 1968.

Trent Poulsen The University of Denver hosted the first 2012 Presidential Debate on October 3rd.

Despite the seemingly important democratic aspect of presidential debates, the actual impact of debates on voters’ perceptions of potential candidates is highly doubted by many scholars.

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Your Task: Check out the Presidential Debate on October 3rd

Potential candidates, journalists, and a few scholars have expressed, however, the importance of presidential debates in directing voters’ attitudes (White, 1982; Asher, 1988; Reagan, 1990)....