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The final period for the day is a seminar class for test prep and extended study for other classes. My 31 AVID sophomores are in this class. We spend the first half of the period pre-bubbling in the test booklets for the PLAN test (a pre-ACT type test) that they will take in another week. The last part of the period, students leave to work with other teachers or to attend tutoring. I have several seniors come to my room to talk about their senior projects.

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In India, teaching is not considered as just a profession but it is believed as a worship that can build a student in such manner so that he can choose a better way in life. Every year when the date of 5th September reaches near, students start preparation to celebrate it with more new creative ideas than last year. To express affection and respect towards their Teachers, Students convey their wishes and messages by organizing a huge level function in their school on 5th September every year. To celebrate this festival, student tries to make teachers feel special by offering some gifts and flowers, arrange singing and dancing competitions, play small acts for them and organize reunion between teachers and old students of their schools.

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In an age of charter schools, home schools, No Child Left Behind, standardized testing, overstretched public schools, the battle for resources, voucher plans and evolving notions about special education and special needs, the act of teaching has never been more complicated. In Lesson Plans, a group of teachers chronicle their experiences during the first weeks of the school, offering first hand accounts of today's classroom challenges from diverse perspectives.

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Max is loved and admired wherever they go. He is a great pet therapy dog. Kathryn wants to share Max with others, which is why A Day in the Life of Max was written.

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India is the country where a teacher is believed as God, in fact above the God by people of nation. In India, teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September, which is also the birth date of India’s second president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was also the great philosopher and educationist. In India, Teachers day is celebrated to appreciate our teachers for their unconditional efforts and unselfish contribution in the success of nation.

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Students of various schools and colleges of our country plan something exciting to make this day special for their respected teachers by organizing some interesting activities like musical plays, games, different types of competitions of singing, dancing and acting. On this occasion, students offer flowers, greeting cards or some special gifts to their favourite teachers to show their affection and respect towards their favourite teachers.

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A Day in the Life of Max first started out with an idea Kathryn Duvenci had to make the school age children, who came in to the library to read to Max, get to know him better. She thought a photo book of Max in a variety of settings would enable them to see him in his everyday life outside of the library.