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Here I compare a long and short school day, as I believe that this will answer the question “Should the school years be longer but the days shorter?” I believe that by first analyzing the positive sides of each, then the negative sites of each, that I will be able to come up with a …

It may containdiscarded credit card receipts along with yesterday's newspaperand junk mail.

Many gangs are only minorcriminals with codes of honor and ethics, existing only to drink, fuck,and ride with their buddies -- bikers who have regular jobs during theweek and hang out and ride when they can.

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a day without water essay for kids Okay, so this opinion might not be the most popular

"We're talking about agreements that hand over a disproportionate share of California's real wealth—its water—to one industry for a fraction of its value, all at the expense of taxpayers, urban water users, and many other businesses and industries in this state," says Earthjustice Attorney .

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Without other expenses, day labor should be enough to feed yourself andmaybe save some cash aside against the day you find a serious job andrent an apartment with friends.

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As with most new technology, people tend to feel that it curbs both creativity and intellect. From the days of wireless radio and TV, to today with wireless Internet and online movies, people have claimed that new technology is bad for us. Within this essay I hope to prove that the Internet does curb creativity …

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By the way: Most day labor consists of men who speak Spanish with only afew words of English (at least this is the case in the United States.)Most will be Mexican workers with families to support.

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If you attempt to perform day labor by hanging out with other day laborcrew, if you're wearing a white face you stand a better chance of beinglooked over carefully by police and private individuals than if you'rewearing a brown face.

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We try to buy bottled water, but stores are closed.
We then hear the county is distributing bottled water.
Lines are long and I wonder if they’ll have enough.
I panic, but just a little. The water will be back soon. It always is.
I turn on the news at home and hear we could be without water for a week.
Panic is setting in and I realize it’s not even noon in my imaginary day without water.
How can I avoid this nightmare? I need to do something to fix this imaginary day gone bad.

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Police are out in force due to drunk drivers and -- though it's considered unconstitutional -- pulling vehicles over and conducting searches without probable cause is more common during the holidays than outside of the holidays.