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1 AS Level Media Studies Revision Booklet Unit a level media essay help G322B: Audiences and.

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The FOR Training creates a bond between the participants and provides practical ways to sustain the momentum created by the assembly through the balance of the school year and beyond. Students and adult sponsors will be equipped with tools and activities designed to help make the FOR Club their own and thereby foster an environment of respect and caring within the school and community. A healthy FOR Club will help transform the climate change brought about by the assembly into a permanent positive influence on the students and school.

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This 60 minute digital training is designed to brief teachers, counselors, administrators and/or other school staff members on the basic elements necessary to implement the Rachel's Challenge Kindness & Compassion Program successfully. The training follows the outline of the Kindness & Compassion Program Guide. It gives practical examples of how the program has been implemented in other schools, and leads the attendees through exercises designed to help them decide how best to incorporate the program into their own environment.

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This digital workshop is based on the idea that we all have four systems: knowledge, cognitive, metacognitive, and self; working in our minds at any given moment. While K–12 education has traditionally done a solid job of focusing on the knowledge and cognitive systems, the metacognitive and self-systems have often been neglected. This video will help teachers understand, appreciate, and address these other two systems, particularly the self-system, in order to reach the whole child and awaken each and every learner in the classroom.

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FOR training is designed to help a select group of students (up to 100 pre-assigned cross-section of the school) and adults (a minimum of 1 adult to every 10 students) create a club within the school whose mission is to put into practice what they just learned in the assembly and foster a permanent culture of kindness and compassion on their campus. The training starts with a limited, yet powerful, time of sharing about what the assembly meant to participants and the school community. The bulk of the training goes into specific instructions on why the Club is important, how it is unique, activities that have worked at other schools and how to plan for their first meeting and first activity. All of this is accomplished by covering the following topics: