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Hello Brian, Last year I e-mailed you about our Poetry Festival and you very replied - offering encouragement. We're holding it again this year. I won't forget your kind comments. Best wishes from all the children at Roscoe Primary School, Liverpool, L13. J Audre

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Brian, I found a copy of in a flea market in Liverpool back in the early 80s. I flipped it open and immediately fell hook, line and sinker for your work. That book (now falling apart) has accompanied me right throughout my life, wherever I have been. I went on to acquire more of your books and you inspired the writer in me. I am visiting Liverpool this summer and will be going to the exhibitions - just wanted to thank you for the poetry that has been huge part of my life. Leanne

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Poet and performer Brian Patten first made his name in the 1960s as one of the Liverpool Poets, ..

Hi Brian, having been a great lover of your poetry for many years I thought it was about time I told you. I Read your poem last night and in my head I could hear you speaking it. Over the years I've heard many poets read their poetry but I have to say no one matches up to your ability make the poem live and remain. The last time I heard you was in Hay on Wye some years ago, I'd really love to hear you again. Liz Bardell-Rippin

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Brian patten (born 7 february 1946) is an english poet and is perhaps patten's most mature and formal book, dispensing with much of the playfulness of former work

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Hello Therese, Sadly, I didn’t know Piero as well as Michael obviously thinks. I wish I had a million and one memories to offer you because I know from my own experience of trying to make sense of the past that it would be a lovely gift.
I remember the quietness of his voice, and his charm and his smile that always seemed to be hiding secrets, but I guess that description of him is one that you already know. So, no stories, we talked rather than did things. The last time I saw him was in Amsterdam when he was living on the canal boat and was poor as a mouse and had no money for rent and he managed to charm some cash out of me, which I was happy to give, just having done a gig. (Fortunately he did have enough money for wine, so he had his priorities right). I do hope you find your stories. It was a bleak day when he died in that roadside accident. Hope also you can gather his films and poetry together. His poetry deserves a collected edition. I tried writing back privately to you but my emails have bounced back, so hope you find this. Much love, Brian

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Hi Brian I have been a fan of yours since the early seventies and have many of your books signed by you at various Readings. I listened to you reading your poems on a Poetry Archive CD where you speak about your Mother and Grandmother and was touched yet again by your emotional reading. Was reminded again of familiar poems , , , in your Armada Collection. Any readings planned for my area Dorset or my home town Liverpool where I would love to hear you on home ground. Thank you for all the pleasure your poems and you reading them gives me. Mary Walker

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Dear Brian, I listened to you on Friday evening in Winchester with trepidation and expectation. I've loved your poetry for over thirty years since a boyfriend introduced me, by sending me the poem which I still know and love today. And then you recited , I sent it to my lovesick brother many years ago as a way of trying to ease his heartache. You did not disappoint, I just wanted you to continue, read more, read my favourites, there are so many I'd have loved to hear. Thank you. Elaine Beaucham