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Successful students stick to their schedule. They plan everything throughout the week and have an excellent sense of what should be done. College is all about mastering the art of multitasking. Students without a study schedule usually don’t perform well.

The following are the top 10 study habits employed by highly successful students.

So if you want to become a successful student, don't get discouraged, don't give up, just work to develop each of the study habits below and you'll see your grades go up, your knowledge increase, and your ability to learn and assimilate information improve.

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Successful students get proper sleep. You need to be well-rested, healthy, and mentally ready in college. The amount of sleep you get has a great impact on your academic performance.
Keep the habits of a successful student in mind. Good luck, and do succeed!

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The 9th grade year is critical to students' success in high school — the influence of a broader number of peers (both positive and negative); the potential of developing bad habits such as skipping class; and entry into a larger, sometimes seemingly less caring, environment can all impact how students will react.

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Expert Robert Cooper and Suzanne Markoe-Hayes of the University of California Los Angeles have been engaged in an ongoing study dedicated to developing and evaluating a transition model that creates a college-going culture among 9th grade students.11 In a 2005 report, they offer four policy recommendations to facilitate effective and successful transitions from middle school to high school and ultimately lead to high school graduation:

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With some pre-planning, a teacher can create a writing assignment that will allow every student to be successful. For example, the teacher may give a writing assignment that has A, B and C levels (or they can be number or color-coded).

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If you want to write a successful compare/contrast essay, you'll need to avoid writing about really obvious differences and similarities. For example: