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Teachers affect all eternity. You never know where their influence stops.” – Henry Adams. The day to day tribulations of teaching, especially in often overcrowded and under-resourced public schools, can be so consuming that both the teachers and students forget the monumentally important impact they have on children. Often the impact goes unnoticed but it occurs. A great teacher teaches as much through their attitude and the quality of their interactions as through direct instruction. It’s not only what they know, it’s who they are. Thank you teachers!

A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops

The universe was created for man---in science this is calledthe "anthropic principle." It is also evident from theopening chapters of the Bible. An empty universe inhabited onlyby God and the angels makes little sense to most of us. God doesnot "need" a universe, nor does he need man to add toHis Being. He is fully sufficient and complete in all His attributesso our creation adds nothing to His essential nature. The universewas made as a home for man, and man was made for fellowship withGod (see Isaiah 45:18). Man was placed in charge of the creationas Hebrews Chapter 2 recalls. God pronounced nature "good"and valuable to Him before He placed man on earth. Intuitivelyit is unattractive to imagine that the universe sat empty foraeons before man arrived on the scene---as evolutionary thoughtteaches was the case. According to Genesis, God proceeded to createthe universe step by step in an orderly way, and when He had theecosystem prepared, He made man (last of all) and placed him squarelyin the center of things to understand and to rule over what hadbeen created. [Man has since lost his dominion over the creation---butthat is another story. God has a restoration plan underway].

A teacher affects eternity essay

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