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You will have no problem remembering The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen or A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, two award-winning books , but their harsh depiction of an America empty of value is something you hope to forget.

Personae in King Lear and their counterparts in A Thousand Acres can be found here.

On December 2, 1980, seven new national parks were created in Alaska, adding 43 million acres of land to the NPS system. Located in remote northwestern Alaska, offers caribou and sand dunes to those who make the trek. It’s one of the least-visited U.S. national parks, with an average of only 3,788 annual visitors over the past five years.

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#20: North CascadesState: WashingtonSize: 504,781 acresEstablished: October 1968

Three years later, the pasture near the Waller County line has been transformed into a vast and modern manufacturing space, where Ebisu oversees a staff of thousands of engineers and welders, fabricators and warehousers as CEO of Goodman Manufacturing and the place where just about every Goodman, Daikin and Amana air conditioner or heating unit sold in the U.S. and Canada is made.

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Looking for solitude and seclusion? In 2011, Lake Clark National Park saw only 5,158 visitors to its 2.6 million acres. The park is located not far from Kenai Fjords in southern Alaska and is only accessible by plane or boat. What’s here? Three mountain ranges, extensive wildlife, and a pair of active volcanoes.

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alis grave nil: Another read: A Thousand Acres A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley Jane Smiley offers a modern interpretation of Shakespeare ;s The Tragedy of King Lear in her novel , A Thousand Acres .

A Thousand Acres Research Paper A Thousand Acres Research Paper

In the broadcast, addressed to "Dear American Friends", Pham said: "This fall large sections of the American people, encouraged and supported by many peace-and-justice-loving American personages, are launching a broad and powerful offensive throughout the United States to demand that the Nixon Administration put an end to the Vietnam aggressive war and immediately bring all American troops home..." Nixon immediately sends Vice President Agnew before the press to demand that the leaders and sponsors of the Moratorium repudiate the support of a regime that "has on its hands the blood of forty thousand Americans." Not surprisingingly the Moritorium leaders refuse.