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In the never-ending battle between big retail chains and small neighborhood shops the winner is online shopping. With unlimited opportunities that online shopping offers, you can find exactly what you need, if you know how and where to search for that desired product.

Advantage Shopping Online Essay

Recently, online shopping has been most convenient for me, but I enjoy both ways of shopping.

Going in-store on Black Friday is a mammoth task. It requires a carefully planned strategy; locating your desired products, navigating your way through the crowds in the hope that nobody gets there first, and assessing queue sizes to determine which will get you out of there the fastest. Despite all of this, it’s still likely to take at least several hours until you make it out of those shop doors. Most online retailers have streamlined the online shopping experience to just a few clicks or taps, meaning you can have your Black Friday shopping completed in a matter of minutes.

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When you purchase online, you rarely have the opportunity to build a relationship with the seller. On the other hand, local retail stores are far more likely to form relationships with their customers, simply because of the personal interaction between buyer and seller.

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Some people are concerned about the potential security risks of storing and sharing of their personal data and credit card numbers with online retailers. While this risk is also an issue for local retail stores (and some security experts say an even greater risk), many people feel that purchasing online is an added security risk that they are just not willing to take.

Advantage of online shopping essay

You could be wary of trying something new or just nervous to give your credit card information up so easily. But never fear, because we’re here to tell you all the wonderful advantages of purchasing goods online and why you should join in on the fun. It’s never a bad idea to brush up on your internet safety though, and .

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Some shoppers like being able to see and feel an item, and to test it or try it on prior to purchasing. By actually seeing the item, and being able to physically feel and inspect the item, the purchaser can often make a far more reasonable assessment of the quality. This is difficult to do if you are just looking at an online photo of the item.

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When trying to deal with defective items purchased online, quite often the only option is to pack the item up and ship it back to the online retailer for a credit or replacement. And the customer is often responsible for any return shipping costs. After waiting a few days for your item to arrive in the first place, this adds even more time to the overall process.