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Objective: During the 1828 presidential election, opponents of candidate Andrew Jackson circulated a handbill describing the final moments of six soldiers who were executed under the orders of their superior officer: General Andrew Jackson. Adams' supporters thought it would clinch the presidency for their candidate, but they were wrong. Jackson won decisively despite the controversy around the executions.

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Step One: Review the background of the 1828 presidential election by reading the in Shmoop's Jackson Era learning guide. (Psst! Scroll down to "Character, Sex, and Violence: The Issues of 1828" and read to the end.)

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At the time of the National Federation's formation, 3 states had not yet ratified the 19th amendment to the constitution granting suffrage to women.

Step Two: Now have your students take a look at , published by opponents of Andrew Jackson during the 1828 presidential election. As they read through it, they should jot down any words or phrases they find particularly interesting. Encourage them to pay special attention to the ways in which the handbill characterizes Andrew Jackson in the context of his military career.