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Students who wish to base their careers on broad knowledge of American and worldcultures will find this major applicable to posts in government, business, education, andthe arts. Practical training in a specific professional field (library work, foreignteaching or career service, journalism, museum work, etc.) may well be taken inconjunction with the major or the minor in Humanities. Students earning the B.A. inHumanities may qualify themselves for high school teaching credentials in English orHistory through special advising and supplemental course work. Those earning the M.A. inHumanities are qualified to seek the Community College Instructor Credential.

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The Institute for African American Studies within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences provides a central focus for study of the impact of African American contributions upon human culture. Students will choose from one area of concentration and from each of the other two intellectually stimulating and exciting courses across the following three areas of concentration - History and Culture, Behavioral and Social Inquiry and Languages, and Literature and the Arts – for an appreciation of history, culture, psychology, socioeconomics, diversity, humanity, and experience.

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For the B.A. in Humanities, students must complete a core of five courses (including asenior seminar) in basic methods of understanding culture through the humanities, and thenchoose combinations of courses in European, American, Asian, and Cross-Cultural Studies(the cross-cultural studies area consists of courses in which the subject matter is fromanother geographic area than the Americas, Europe, or Asia, and courses that specificallyinclude a number of different cultures). In one of these culture-study areas, additionalcourses will be chosen, making it the area of emphasis in the major. Up to threeappropriate courses in related departments such as ethnic studies, English, art, and musicmay be included in the major with an adviser's approval.

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The Master of Arts in Humanities is an interdisciplinary program which emphasizes theintegrative study of culture, ideas, and the arts, with special concern for the questionsof value—moral, intellectual, cultural, and aesthetic—that are inherent in major humanexpressions. It serves a variety of personal and career objectives, including preparationfor advanced study in a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary degree programsin the humanities, as well as for teaching credentials in areas in which the master'sdegree is required.

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The department's lower division General Education courses (HUM 130, 220, 225) or otherlower division courses concerned with ideas, social conditions, and art forms arerecommended for students planning to major or minor in Humanities. Study or practicalexperience toward mastery of a foreign language is strongly recommended along with themajor or minor.

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Admission to classified standing in the program is given on evaluation of severalfactors in an applicant's education and experience. Of considerable importance are thesubjects and range of undergraduate study; emphasis is given to courses in literature,history, philosophy, the arts, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary humanities, butstudies in the sciences or social sciences may also be valuable. Other factors bearing onadmission may include work experience, personal interests, and proficiency in one of thearts.