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Henry David Thoreau: Author bio p. 270-271
Walden Visitors p. 272-279 Walden Former Inhabitants; and Winter Visitors
p. 272-279
Civil Disobedience
p. 289-303 Week 5 Forum
Parts 1 and 2 Two peer replies
6 Romanticism
The Fireside Poets LO-1: Identify the major genres and authors of America’s early literature.
LO-2: Practice analyzing literary genres (including: poetry, prose, biographical accounts, and historical counts).
LO-3: Effectively analyze different periods and movements of American literature.
LO-4: Synthesize information and ideas related to American literature since the Civil War.
LO-5: Articulate an original opinion based on the materials read.
LO-6: Demonstrate
knowledge of material covered throughout the term Edgar Allan Poe:
Author bio p. 306-308
The Premature Burial
p. 309-318
The Masque of the Red Death p. 319-323

This phrase encompasses three major values shown throughout early American literature.

- The Rockpile by James Baldwin essays discuss is the short story by African American writer James Baldwin that first appeared in his 1965 collection Going to Meet the Man.

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– Authors outside of the American Literature genre with themes that transcend boarders.

Throughout the myriad of novels, excerpts, poems, videos and other forms of literature that we encountered in this course, it is unmistakable that the African American literary tradition demonstrates that the past (the unbelievable sufferings of African Americans) can never be arrested and forgotten....

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I think literature (American or otherwise) serves as a means by which one can examine a society's values, ideas, hopes, fears, and dreams through fiction or oral literature.

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The issues of society touched in most of the Great American Novels are still applicable to us today. Racism still has to be dealt with and there will always be corrupt officials. However, upon writing my reflective essay about the experience of studying American literature, I came to know that the greatness of the country has stemmed from the people’s steadfastness in their individuality, and principles.

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- Essays on Alice Walker's Everyday Use Summary will examine her short story that is told from the perspective of an African American woman living in the South.

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Throughout American Literature, religious ideologies and philosophies influenced the way that writers portrayed the time period, characters, feelings, and God.

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- Some essays in literature take an optimistic view of the American Dream and successes; other term papers take a negative view on the American Dream and focus on those who have failed to achieve happiness.