*There were during the American Revolutionary War.

These mobs, which were often described as motley crews, were central to protests and ultimately played a dominant role in significant events leading up to the American Revolution.

This paper will examine the specific causes and effects of the American Revolution....

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Discuss how the Revolutionary War changed life for Native Americans.

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John Locke’s theories were paramount in both the Glorious Revolution and the American Revolution, and there are numerous reasons as to why this is so....

Causes of the American Revolution

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World War I was a transformative moment in African-American history. What began as a seemingly distant European conflict soon became an event with revolutionary implications for the social, economic, and political future of black people. The war directly impacted all African Americans, male and female, northerner and southerner, soldier and civilian. Migration, military service, racial violence, and political protest combined to make the war years one of the most dynamic periods of the African-American experience. Black people contested the boundaries of American democracy, demanded their rights as American citizens, and asserted their very humanity in ways both subtle and dramatic. Recognizing the significance of World War I is essential to developing a full understanding of modern African-American history and the struggle for black freedom.

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Through an examination of the social, cultural, economic and political causes of the American Revolution, an exploration of key arguments both for and against the American Revolution, and an analysis of the social, cultural, economic and political changes brought about by the American Revolution it can be demonstrated unequivocally that the American Revolution was indeed truly revolutionary....

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Fighting broke out in 1775, when Britain sent an army to the areas of , outside of Boston, to arrest revolutionaries and confiscate arms. The "shot heard 'round the world" began the first military action of the American Revolutionary War. With the British in retreat, the local militia sniped at the redcoats all the way back towards Boston. As a result of this action, all 13 colonies sent their own colonial militiamen to Boston. On June 17, 1775, the was fought. Shortly after this battle, the Second Continental Congress appointed to take command of the American forces; he and his regiment arrived in Cambridge on July 3, 1775.