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The fact that single motherhood is increasing faster among women with less than a college degree means that children growing up with a single mother are likely to be doubly disadvantaged. They spend less time and receive less money from their biological fathers than children who live with their fathers. At the same time, the primary breadwinner in the family—the mother—has lower earnings than the typical mother in a married-parent family. The official poverty rate in 2013 among all families with children was 40 percent if the family was headed by an unmarried mother and only 8 percent if the family was headed by a married couple (see Figure 4). Among blacks, the rates were 46 percent in single-mother families and 12 percent in married-parent families. Among Hispanics, the figures were 47 percent and 18 percent, and among whites the rates were 32 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

When you live together without being married for many years, you may feel married, but you're not.

In the United States, marriage is a legal contract regulated by the various states. When the Mormons went to Utah in 1847, all married Mormons at that time had been married under laws of the states they had come from. Utah became U.S. territory in 1848 after the Mexican War, and thus all citizens living therein became subject to the common laws of the nation, including marriage laws. (To use an analogy, you get your drivers' license from your state, but it is recognized as being legal in all the states. Marriage licenses are similar.)

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And that didn't make getting married any less exciting or important in our lives than if we hadn't lived together.

The transitory nature of marital status becomes even clearer if we compare the fraction of children born to unmarried mothers in a given year with the fraction living with an unmarried mother in subsequent years. Figure 2 shows trends in the percentage of mothers who were unmarried at the time they gave birth to a child. In 1960, only 5 percent of all births were to unmarried mothers. By 2010, the number was nearly 41 percent. The trend leveled off for all births in 1994 but rose again after 2000, with paths diverging by race and ethnicity.

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I had numerous conversations with some LDS apologists that proclaimed that the families that already had a husband and wife wanted the wife to also be married to Joseph so that would somehow ensure that their entire family would be sealed together in the next life. These husbands and wives approached Joseph as their idea.

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Imagine if you had spent 50 years living with your devoted spouse, fully intending to be married together in heaven for all eternity, just like you have enjoyed on earth for the last 50 years and then the prophet says he wants your wife to be his 33rd wife. So in the next life you don't get your devoted wife of 50 years, instead you have to find another. Are we to believe that God actually commanded the prophet to do this? That is even more cruel than having someone else have sex with your wife.

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This is the first official Church statement that indicates Joseph likely had sex with his many wives. The essay takes several paragraphs and lots of convoluted language to open the door to the possibility that Joseph had sex with many of his polygamous wives, including some of those that were married to other men.

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Popular author and Mormon historian Dan Vogel's 2016 videos discuss Joseph Smith's polyandrous marriages. Dan gives one of the best overviews of Joseph's polyandry and the best rebuttal to LDS apologists, namely Brian Hales that we've seen. Dan provides strong evidence that Joseph likely did have sexual relations with several of his that already had living husbands and more importantly that in some cases it appears that the women were having sex with both Joseph and their 'legitimate' husbands at about the same time.