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Later on, she realizes it wasn't an important event.
by: Alice Munro
An Ounce of Cure - Short Story Analysis by Mikaela, Alaura, and Brynna
An Ounce of Cure
Type of Short Story: Romance and Drama.

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An Ounce of cure” by Alice Munro, is a short fictional story about a young girl from a decent family who gets herself drank for the first time in her life while baby sitting. The theme of the story explores the emotional challenges that young people go through during the adolescent stages and their impacts. The main character begins the story by narration how she was swept off her feet by a boy named Martin Collingwood. The relationship however does not last for along time when martin eventually dumps his girlfriend due to professional reasons. The girl becomes devastated and resorts to drinking her predicament away while babysitting at a neighbor’s house. The author describes this as some emotional self imposed state of suffering and this is because the girl is just but experiencing an emotional phase that would soon go away.

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In “An Ounce of Cure” by Alice Munro, irony is used to demonstrate the unfortunate outcomes that can come about as a result of underage alcohol abuse.