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- About half a century after the appearance of Gothic architecture and sculpture, Gothic painting began to appear. Gothic painting took place in one of four media:.

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All in all, even despite their differences, architecture and sculpture are two spokes on the same three-dimensional wheel. Any would-be architect should certainly study the rudiments of sculpture in order to learn about how to handle mass, composition and form, while would-be sculptors would also be wise to delve into the study of architecture From it, they could learn about a pragmatic approach to their art.

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The stroll through the galleries is broken at one point for the Noguchi Court where the visitor rises to ground level and a window wall looks out over the museum's twenty-two acre sculpture park. From this spot one may exit to the park or go on to the galleries devoted to temporary exhibitions. Holl has clearly given a great deal of thought to the sequential experience of the architecture, but at the same time found a way to make the gallery spaces friendly to the art they contain. He is critical of the tendency to make "a hybrid of art and architecture" by turning buildings into giant sculptures: "To the extent that architecture is connected to the city, to the landscape, to urban issues, it is a stronger art than if it becomes an. . . object . . . that sits in the city."

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- The two men may also be seen as similar when one looks at the scope of their talents. Not only were the men painters, they were architects and sculptures.

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- Michelangelo always saw himself as a sculptor, even though some of his most famous works are his paintings and architecture. In Michelangelo's words ...

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- The Italian Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is well known for his genius and talent in sculpture, engineering, architecture, scientific inventions, and painting.

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Many art critics have complained that the most dramatic art museum designs of the last decade have upstaged or interfered with the art within. This essay examines eight contemporary cases before drawing some lessons for art museum design, and ends by setting the architecture vs. art problem in the context of the philosophy of architecture, focusing on the issues of function and symbolism.

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But such wild architectural fantasies have also given rise to complaints that museum architecture too often becomes the real art work overshadowing what is inside. There is little doubt that most of those who fly to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim Museum (1997) are going primarily to see Frank Gehry's shimmering titanium sculpture. For almost a decade, people in the museum world have talked of the "Bilbao effect," referring to the marketing potential for a museum and its city when a famous architect creates an eye-catching design. The primary issue raised by recent art museum designs is how to resolve the tension between architects' desire for an artistic statement of their own and art lovers' desire for a building that shows the art to best advantage. Obviously, one would like to have both. But many critics have worried that too often the art ends up playing second fiddle to the architecture. A review of the new De Young Museum (2005) in San Francisco began with these lines: "it seems that architects have become the big bad wolf of the museum world. Too often, flash and bravura win out over contemplation . . . and architecture triumphs over art." Hal Foster goes even farther in, saying that iconic museum designs often inflate the art museum into "a gigantic spectacle-space that can swallow any art, let alone any viewer, whole."