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These books describe teenage problems that include apathy, violence, suicide, sexual abuse, depression, loss of values, poor mental health, crime, gang involvement, and drug and alcohol addiction....

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Writing papers can be a task you sometimes want to embark on. It requires research and a whole lot of thought to make it great. Once you have mustered up enough information and have gotten into the writing groove you will be able to pull off an essay about computer addiction. When taking on the topic of computer addiction one must set the paper up just right. There exist three main parts of a paper which are:

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Addiction” by Marie Winn, Winn relates watching television to having an addiction with drugs and alcohol.

The essay is should be an argumentative essay, arguing that technology addiction exist. The essay should try to convince an educated audience of probably college students that technology addiction exist by comparing symptoms excessive technology use to addiction symptoms of other things like drugs and alcohol.