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Allowing homosexual couples to adopt everywhere will open so many more doors, children in foster care will have a higher chance at a permanent home, and gays will have the rights to be parents given back to them, something that should have never been taken away in the first place.

Regardless of some people’s beliefs on adoption, every adoption story is different.

Now, same-sex marriage, live-in relationship, domestic partnership, adoption, single parent, and cohabitation are becoming commonplace: the traditional nuclear family of husband, wife, and children is no longer the norm....

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Whether or not the adoption process is for everybody is a debatable topic.

Anyone who has the ability to raise a child in a loving and secure home and most importantly, wants a child, deserves to become a parent and should not be denied the pleasure of raising a child.

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Adoption to gay couples should be legalized everywhere because anyone who is able to meet the requirements of being a loving parent deserves to become a parent, despite their sexual preferences and many kids would be grateful to have two loving parents.

There are a many different reasons why gay adoption is banned and many people who object to it.

single parent adoption provides a much more ..

Ultimately, the legalization of gay adoption everywhere would benefit our society, having loving homes in which orphaned children can go to is a blessing for both the child and the parents.

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Studies show that frequent moving increases the risk of academic, behavioral, and emotional problems for children with single parents as well( The Future of Children )....

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Others don’t think both parents are needed in raising a child or that they should be held responsible and be made to contribute if they don’t want to, therefore shouldn’t be an issue.

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International adoption in the United States was jumpstarted post World War II as a way of helping those children who were left homeless, after war had taken their parents.

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He tells us that this ban which just took effect in July brought about a lot of controversy and left these prospective parents as well as the Pakistani children who are waiting to be adopted emotionally distressed....