Read the following description of the parts.

for the first part draw a circle around the sentence(s) that introduce(s) the topic and write "1" in the margin next to it.Check your answer

Now put the following sentences into the correct order.

Lets look again at the introduction from the model essay on Marine Parks:

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Check your answer Print out the to task 2.

A variety of different arguments have been put forward about this issue.

The actions of human beings are influenced by their periphery and can lead them to demonstrate the traits of a machine. For example, in war, soldiers are caught up in constant chaos and upheaval that they do not have time to process the things they have done. They are programmed to kill the enemy and, therefore, display the traits of a machine. As Mark Twain grew older, he developed negative views of mankind. He converted these views into a deterministic philosophy in which he believed that humans lack free will and are machines controlled by outside forces (Rasmussen). Aspects of this deterministic philosophy are portrayed in the style of Mark Twain's novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Hank Morgan believed that human action was determined by causes external to the will and placed an emphasis on training and education.
Hank began his story boasting about the responsibilities he had as a superintendent in a giant factory and his ability to virtually make almost any kind of machinery (Twain 9). This foreshadowed his efforts to improve the conditions of the local population while maintaining and establishing personal wealth and power. Once he achieved a position of power, Hank Morgan took on the title of "The Boss ? (57). The Boss's speech and practice reflected the hypocrisy of his concern for the well-being of the peasants. One of Hank's most constant criticisms was that the people were irrational and had no sense of reason. "Take a rest, child; the way you are using up all the domestic air, the kingdom will have to go importing it by tomorrow, and it's a low enough treasury without that" ? (81). Hank revealed his attitude toward Sandy as a machine that consumed resources.
Hank's projection on civilization was based on his belief that he could train the population how to think and thus, how to live. "Training ”training is everything; training is all there is to a person we speak of nature; it is folly; t

Story of the Week: The Yellow Wall Paper

On a bitterly cold Saturday, with ice crystals in the air and a light scattering of snow underfoot, five or six dozen people gather at the steps of the Court House in St. John’s. They’re here to demand Justice for Colten Boushie, the 22-year old Cree man from the Red Pheasant First Nation in Saskatchewan who was shot and killed by Gerald Stanley, a 56-year old white farmer. The rally is hastily organized. There are two cheap loudspeakers, but most of the speakers forget to use them. There are no power outlets, and only one reporter present. One speaker forgot their gloves, and shivers as their skin turns an eerie shade of red. You’d think tears would freeze in cold like this, but they don’t—they flow strong and free. Drummers take to the steps of the Court House, and the rhythms they pound out, coupled with the clear and confident…

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Last night, a crowded Saskatchewan courtroom heard the verdict of the 12-person jury in the trial of 56-year-old Gerald Stanley, the white farmer charged in the 2016 shooting death of Red Pheasant First Nation member Colten Boushie. The decision to find Stanley ‘not guilty’ of the second-degree murder of 22-year-old Boushie set off a firestorm of reaction across social media, on both sides of the case. Here, Indigenous entrepreneur and commentator Robert Jago shares his perspective on what we should take away from the verdict. There is a video from outside the courthouse in Battleford, Saskatchewan, last night. It shows a screen which is split in four and displaying the courtroom, the jury box, the judge, and the accused in the Gerald Stanley case. As the verdict is announced, there are gasps and shouts; Colten Boushie’s mother cries out. Bailiffs grab Gerald Stanley and run out of the frame, and to a waiting truck…