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Now, list on a chart those 5 main elements you’ve chosen to focus in on and compile detailed notes for each piece in relation to those elements, items or topics to expand upon in the comparison essay.

The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the setting in the story.

Your first paper is to be a comparative essay about your choice of two artists’ work from two different periods of art history. i.e. You will compare Cubist like Picasso to a Renaissance painter such as Raphael. The paper is to be at least 4 pages and a work cited page. Give credit to all sources including your text book.

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5 Key Points to Remember While Writing from Best Art History Thesis Examples.

Compare the artworks by discussing key cultural issues associated with artists and periods
Discuss how the cultural context of each period influenced the artistic development of the period style (Make connections between cultural context and style)
In other words… What makes these works culturally significant?
Conclusion and Thematic Connection

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Courses in this area are hands-on courses that enable students to present and critically evaluate competing interpretations through written and oral analysis. Students are expected to distinguish between different artistic and historical schools or periods using the varying approaches and viewpoints characterized by those periods under study. In addition, these courses encourage students to identify the values that underlie the world-views of different cultures and peoples, as well as their own culture(s) over time.

Art History Compare And Contrast Thesis

Analyze the ways art can affect and/or reflect cultural, political and social issues
Draw conclusions about the artist / society which produced the artwork from the comparison
In other words… What “Thematic Connection” can you make between the two works of art that helps you better understand them or the culture they represent?

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Compared to earlier artistic periods, the art produced in the 19th century was a mixture of restlessness, obsession with progress and novelty, and a ceaseless questioning, testing and challenging of all authority.

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•compare and contrast the two artists’ works including a formal analysis of each piece including the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design using the terms from chapters 4-8 of your text

Compare And Contrast Art Essay Thesis

Correctly identify artwork titles, period styles and artists names
Compare the artworks by discussing key stylistic characteristics associated with artists and period styles
Apply art history vocabulary correctly and uses it to support your stylistic analysis
In other words… What make these works stylistically significant?
Cultural analysis