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It’s actually quite like doing a painting during the holidays compared to sketching in life drawing. Yes, I know, that is a very artistic comparison to make, and quite a far leap. Yes, I know, artistic activities – for me at least – are clearly more interesting, more enjoyable and easier than writing an essay. And I’ve only been to about four proper life-drawing classes in my entire life (not doing Art A-Level is still, clearly, a huge regret for me). Still, bear with me.

My Family, My Life, My Art; essay by Dahlov Ipcar

In a world of zero tolerance, talking like this about my addiction — even saying it out loud on the radio — may mean artistic suicide. But by telling my story here and on stage, I will take my voice back. People will bear witness to my life. I believe that crack can kill me, but that in the end, that communication and direct human contact will save me.

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Art is an extremely important part of my life

Life drawing isn’t like that. The model poses. 10 minutes. 15 or 20 if you’re lucky. Everyone around you is sketching, rapidly, forming incredible images on the page. Before your hand even begins to move, bodies are born. Arms, legs, shoulders, lit by the light. All of the sketches are different. One man uses inks and wax resist on A2 pieces of paper laid out on the floor. Another uses charcoal and pen in an adorned A4 notebook. Some draw the whole form of the model. Some even add in parts of the scene – the table, the wall. One woman focuses on just the mysterious eyes of the model. Before you know it, the pose is over. Everyone has something incredible to show for the time. But your page is blank.