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Three main groups of candidates fit most or all of these criteria. Family members and friends who are strong writers and editors are a good place to start. Keep in mind, however, that the reviewer needs to maintain a detached perspective about your work, and people who know you well may not be able to view your work objectively or offer much criticism. Your educators and academic advisors--professors, teachers, guidance counselors, etc.--are good candidates as well. In addition to knowing you and knowing how to write and edit well, they usually have some knowledge of what it takes to write a strong personal statement. A third category is professional essay editors. These are people with professional writing and editing experience who review personal statements for a fee. The best professional editor will ask you questions and get to know you over email or the phone before giving you feedback. If you have few "good reviewer" candidates among your personal contacts, if you've not had recent or close contact with your educators or academic advisors, or if you simply want a professional opinion, seeking advice from an essay editor may be the best option for you. You can request professional assistance from or another provider of similar services.

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Now you must be wondering: “who will judge this contest?”. Julie Petersen, yours truly, will evaluate the essays, choose the winners, and publish the papers on the AskPetersen blog. I have a solid base of experience in writing and reading essays, as well as in teaching writing classes and working as a private tutor.
By entering AskPetersen essay writing contest you automatically accept the terms and conditions of participation stated on this page and agree to judge’s final decision.

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A good reviewer will help you to see your essay's strengths and weaknesses clearly. They'll point to where you may've strayed from the question, failed to address it, or failed to answer all its parts. They'll give you a sense of where your readers may feel lost, confused, unsure of your meaning, or unconvinced by your evidence or logic. They will brainstorm with you about the question, asking probing questions to help you answer the question in a way that brings your key strengths to light, and that helps you fill in information that is scant or missing and weed out or reduce extraneous details. For the purpose of revising a college application or award essay, it may also be useful to have a reviewer who has specialized knowledge of the audience and purpose toward which this type of essay is directed. In the end, good reviewers will not attempt to rewrite the essay in their own words but will instead guide you toward improving your own draft. Their feedback will help you to revise the essay more successfully and in less time than you could manage on your own.

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Your instructor may ask for multiple similarities and differences--make sure you're prepared to write a well-developed, meaningful essay on a topic that you know well before you get started!

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Who should you ask to review your essay? In general, it is best to select people who write and edit well. It is also useful to work with someone who knows you personally or who takes time to get to know you over e-mail or by phone. And, if possible, you should choose someone who also has experience reviewing personal statements and knowledge of what it takes to write one successfully.