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It’s time to step off the solid land where answers are firmly right or wrong and tip our toes into the sometimes uncertain territory of the GRE essay section. The essay section is called the Analytical Writing Assessment or AWA and is composed of two thirty-minute essays: the Issue Essay and the Argument Essay. We’ll begin today by looking at the Issue Essay.

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Your essays will be graded by both e-rater and a human grader. The e-rater is a computer program, designed to evaluate your writing according to the pre-programmed criteria. If the computer and human grader differ greatly in their assessments, a second human is brought into the mix to referee and make the final call. The final step is to average all four scores (two for each essay and round the result to the nearest half point. This becomes the AWA score included on the score report sent to the programs you applied for.

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The essay above earned a 6 because it takes all five steps necessary for a perfect score on the AWA.

3. Take the time to prep what you’re going to say- These essays require evidence and examples, but more importantly they require evidence that is neatly structured and aimed at achieving some sort of objective. If your approach is more machine gun than methodical (“Cities are really important! All the best stuff is in cities, so they must mean something. Talent tends to move to big cities because there are more jobs there.”) You risk losing the impact of your examples. Take the time to come up with goals for each body paragraph and a topic sentence before you start work on your essay. It really shows.

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How to Write an AWA Essay Like Ernest Hemingway

5. Pay close attention to writing mechanics, grammar, sentence construction, word usage and
diction (whether you've used the right word for the right job). It doesn't matter if your essay contains
brilliant ideas if you can't express them. In short: It's form over substance!!

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2. Clarity is key- As I mentioned above, you want to be very clear about the point you’re going to make and how you’re going to get there. That’s driven largely by the fact that you have two graders. One is a piece of software, and although the algorithm is uses is proprietary we do know that similar software uses transition words, punctuation and paragraph structure in order to assign a score. Those all suggest you should work on being organized and clear, but in my opinion the facts about the second grader are even more compelling. The human grader that will read your essay will spend approximately 30 seconds going through it. The grader is not going to go into great depth so the clearer and more organized your thoughts are the easier you are going to make it for her to evaluate them. That leads to higher scores.

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Go for breadth, not depth. Try to cover both polar sides of the issue, and various arguments on
both sides. Don't dwell on one point! (This is the #1 essay blunder committed by GMAT test-takers.)
But don't try to cover everything either; otherwise, you might not have time to develop each of your
ideas--with reasons and examples.