Organ donating is there to save lives, not to hurt anyone.

To many people having someone give a gift of an organ donation is known has a second chance, a fresh start, and a new beginning at living a normal life again.

 Organ donation is often perceived with doubt because many people do not know the truth.

Every year people on the wait list increase in numbers due to lack of organ donation shortages therefore, finding a donor becomes difficult because in order to receive a transplant the recipient must be compatible with his or her donor in several ways....

Put yourself in the shoes of someone waiting for a donation.

There are many myths out about the donating of organs that cause many people to opt not to.

Organ donation is when someone who has died, has previously given permission for their organs to be taken from their body and transplanted into someone else?s who because of some sort of medical condition, can not survive off of their own.