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About your suggestion of what to talk to older girls with. I would really like to do that, but i only discuss such things with boys, because girls have a tendency to get really upset if I talk outside what is politically correct, and also tend to interpret anything as an attack on them personally. Perhaps that is because they as little girls were not able to have intellectual conversations, but it’s just the way it is . So I only do that with girls I know really well, while I can mostly discuss such topics with any boy I meet.

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I want reply to what you said because I think there is a nuance here that is important. I appreciate what you are saying that your twin girls are beautiful, without adornment like nail polish or accessories. However, the point of the article goes beyond that. The point is that BEAUTY itself is not the point. We are looking for other valuable qualities in our daughters, like perseverence, kindness, empathy. To call them beautiful is just to draw attention to outward appearance, which is where we put so much focus already on girls/women.

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“What are you reading?” is a great opening….if you are talking to a kid who is a good reader and proud of their skills.
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Fabulous article, thank you very much. It made me really think and realise we have a long way to go. But we are on the path and that is what counts.

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I agree that the beauty industry is ridiculous. I agree that the wrong emphasis is placed on children at too young of an age… But my goodness people, give them a fighting chance!!

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You know what angers me!? 3-6 year old have body image problems because they DO have issues with being over weight! 1 in 3 North American girls are fat! Stop feeding your kids lazy-mom food like Krapdinner, Mc Donald’s, and then plunking them down with snacks and tv all day!! Get active with your kids, feed the wholesome foods and then see what happens to body image statistics!

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The first thing that I noticed after reading this fantastic article is that there is a photo of a woman with her cleavage out, wearing an almost sultry expression, with her arms in a “power” pose to the immediate right of the article. Huh. I thought I knew what your overall message was after reading the article but the photo has left me confused.

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Thank you so much for sharing this extraordinary point of view. I read a few comments and had to chuckle. I love how people still refer to the “you are a pretty cute little girlygirl!” as necessary and I also think being told that you are pretty is important, but not because it is for the kid itself, but for her needs to fit in society. Its hard to be different and not to hear “Oh you are so pretty” is hard on anyones self esteem but the point you made is far more important! The looks are the easiest to control, how intelligent you are is not. Beautiful smart Women are rare but very important. If it comes to the looks some of us are not as blessed to be able to see individual beauty as it is. They compare everything to the model standards that the media keeps holding in front of everyones face.
If the intelligent kind of humans would start to equal out the intelligence vs beauty thing the world would slowly start to get better. Intelligent people discuss Ideas, dumb ones discuss people.