Which took longer to build the Erie Canal or the Panama Canal?

By 1901, the city had electric street lights an electric trolly system and was lighting a few of their large public buildings. Buffalo was a growing sprawl of urban development with key industries in Grain and Flower, Steele production and many forms of manufacturing. In conjunction with the famous Erie Barge Canal and having a great train station it had become a major shipping center between Chicago and the great mid-western wheat-belt and Atlantic shoreline cities such as New York, Boston and Baltimore.

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A singular urban waterfront experience, Canal Side will offer Buffalo’s residents and visitors opportunities for dining, shopping, culture, outdoor recreation, and fun--all within a dramatic public environment where city streets lead into re-watered canals jammed with boats, towpaths, great sheds, and bridges.

Focused on “places” rather than individual buildings, Canal Side invites visitors to travel from one place to the next, experiencing a wide variety of environments and vistas along the way.

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-- A collection of poems, essays, travelogues and fiction bymajor American and British writers about the Erie Canal.