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sidearm, reinvigorating the series at crucial points. But like any back-up weapon, it's most effective when used sparingly. The introduction of XP to multiplayer is probably the best example - it was a paradigm shift, and will probably be the franchise's true legacy. Call of Duty's primary weapon, though, has always been its consistency. Early on in its life it hit upon a winning formula that it has refined almost every year since. It's what made Call of Duty the biggest game franchise around, and served it so well ever since.

 Videogame wallpaper of the week #15 by , Denmark. Download 1920 x 1080 Black Ops wallpaper .

We are coming down to the wire. To be sure.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review - IGN

Videogame wallpaper of the week #15 by , Denmark. Download 1920 x 1080 Black Ops wallpaper .

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Why do the kids love Call of Duty

Call of Duty 3 came out the very next year, initiating the annual release schedule the series maintains to this day. It was born partly out of necessity and a desire to dominate the market. Activision knew it was crucial not only to capitalise upon the tremendous success of Call of Duty 2 but to oppose the returning Medal of Honor franchise. The only problem was that Infinity Ward wished to maintain a two-year production schedule to keep standards high. So Activision turned to Treyarch. Call of Duty 3 would mark the Californian-based developers first entry in the series proper (it had previously worked on spin-off Call of Duty: Big Red One). Over the