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William Wordsworth is one of the most famous of the Romantics, as well as author of "It Is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free." Written in 1807 after a trip to France to visit his daughter, "It Is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free" focuses on Wordsworth's view of nature and childhood as essentially divine....

The conflict, violence and aggression in the play happen from revenge and an ancient family grudge.

Love is ever rewarded either with the reciprocal, or with an inward and secret contempt." It was Bacon in this essay who wrote that for a person to be a "success" in the world, he or she best not ever fall in love.

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Evidence of this is “… the goodness of the night upon you, friend…” This shows that Othello is calm and happy because he calls Cassio his friend.

The passage has a calm in the beginning as if Meursault catches his breath from yelling previously, and he starts to reassure himself that he is not wrong for expressing his views as it went against the public’s religious beliefs, and states that this moment was so important to him that it was if his life was merely leading up to it....