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Do you think Biofuels are a viable alternative? The answer as with most questions like this is both yes and no. Are they an alternative with the current energy use patterns, no because there is not sufficient crop space to create sufficient biofuel of any type to replace all the oil used. Is it a viable part of the solution, conditionally yes. Conditions include but are not limited to the need to reduce our energy needs through efficiency and most importantly population reduction (lower populations need less energy). A system whereby growing the biofuel does not negatively impact the environment such as cutting down forests to grow more fuel. The recognition that fuel production should not displace necessary food production such that food costs become elevated. In other words a system to ensure sustainable and appropriate biofuel production similar to the FSC designation for lumber or the Organic designation for food. Like anything else if done the wrong way creating and using biofuel can create more problems than it solves. The potential is good, current implementation is extremely flawed.

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So what’s the alternative? Although biofuels are far better than fossil fuels, they shouldn’t be produced by starving people and destroying the already-depleting forests. Better alternatives like wind energy, solar energy, energy produced by tidal waves and nuclear energy can completely revolutionize the energy scenario in the world. All we need is the political will, and the will to put humanity above economy.

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There is a desperate need for an alternative, more sustainable form of energy to replace the fossil fuels....

First, your interviewee are not the good persons. In Europe, we have a network of true experts (because it is their job) that is called ENTSOE, i.e. the group of every TSO in Europe. They are the experts and nobody-else.
Can renewables ever replace fossil fuels 100%?

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So biofuel crops can be used to benefit and enrich farmers and not damage world food prices. However, it is certainly reasonable that we do not switch our fuel usage and expect to be able to entirely replace fossil fuel with biofuel. A reasonable future will see all sorts of alternative energy sources being “tapped”.

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We mainly use fossil fuels as the main energy sources for these jobs, however with centuries of digging for fossil fuels and use them up, their supplies is running low because they are a non-renewable resource which means you will use them all up before they can be replenish.

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I think pollution, global warming and dangerous nuclear power plant incidents will eventually force humanity to drop the traditional energy sources completely by the end of this century. We simply have no other choice, if we want to ensure the survival of human life on Earth beyond our own life. Renewable energy is the future and it is not only possible, but imperative on us to find the right ways and technologies to utilise it 100%. The problem is that it requires much greater effort, readiness to invest funds, care for the planet and vision for the future and not that many energy companies and governments have them. They prefer to rely on easy money from oil and gas, rather than trouble their brains and invent new technologies. Saudi Arabia is a good example of this kind of laziness – all the sun they have and yet they couldn’t care less about using it. I think this is the most important thing to change. When the mentality of people changes, then it will be very easy to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. We are not only talking about sun and wind, but also water and waste. I imagine the future when no waste will be left to rot in land fields or in the oceans and everything will be recycled or used to produce gas. Deserts do not have to remain such forever – they can all be covered with solar panels and provide a constant supply of electricity to millions of people in Africa and Asia. Rivers, seas and oceans also have an enormous power potential but this is still mostly wasted. Iceland, Norway and Sweden are a proof that when there is a will, there is a way. They will probably be the first to achieve 100% reliance on renewable energy. The rest of the world can only learn from them.