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Using conservative assumptions about Canadian consumption, this could translate into potential revenues for the government of over $2 billion. The study's author is Stephen Easton, professor of economics at Simon Fraser University and a Senior Fellow at The Fraser Institute. To see a copy of the study, click .

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"During , he was attached to the Canadian forces as a war
artist and made a number of memorable portraits of Canadian infantrymen.
The end result was to have been a huge mural for and the
sketches and cartoon for this suggest that it might have become his greatest
large-scale work. However, like so many of his monumental conceptions,
it was never completed. As a war artist, he was allowed to keep his facial
hair and therefore, he and were the only Army officers in
the Allied forces to have a beard. After two months in France he was
sent home in disgrace after taking part in a brawl. Lord Beaverbrook,
whose intervention saved John from a court-martial, sent him back to France
where he produced studies for a proposed Canadian War Memorial picture,
although the only major work to result from the experience was .
In 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge finally unveiled this mural at
the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.
This unfinished painting is 12 feet high by 40 feet long.(source: , accessed 23 August 2016)