Is the death penalty a proper form of punishment.

Most people will not want to argue with clauses 1 and 2, so this structure does have the benefit of focussing attention on the real point of contention - the usefulness of non-capital punishments in the case of murder.

There are very rare cases of rich people being pronounced a death penalty.

Regardless of the moral status of capital punishment, some argue that all ways of executing people cause so much suffering to the condemned person that they amount to torture and are wrong.

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Those in favour of capital punishment counter with these two arguments:

It reads, simply: "The death penalty is abolished." They often say that this 56-year-old provision shows how thoroughly the postwar Federal Republic has learned -- and applied -- the lessons of Nazi state-sponsored killing as though having the death penalty for murderers was the sole cause of Hitler's rise to power and the genocide that followed.

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All abolitionists are tryingto do is protect human rights violators at the expenseof their victims by trying to pass off the just punishment of human rightsviolations as a human rights violation itself, an analysis that one would have to be totally lacking in sound moral judgement to accept since it is so obviously contradictory as well as morally and logically skewed.European elites enjoy showcasing their opposition to the death penalty as a progressive policy based on the respect of human rights.

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However, the moral basis of European opposition to the death penalty is riddled with contradictions, especially when viewed in the context of Europe's progressive euthanasia policies or dismal record on human rights on their own continent (reference their indifference to the Balkans).

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Many countries that use capital punishment have now adopted lethal injection, because it's thought to be less cruel for the offender and less brutalising for the executioner.

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Joshua Micah Marshall, the Washington editor of The American Prospect, wrote an article in 2000 describing the state of affairs in Europe concerning the death penalty:

It's true that every industrialized nation, save Japan and the US,have abolished capital punishment, but the reason isn't as death-penalty opponents usually assume, that their populations eschewthe death penalty.

Those that stand against the use of capital punishment often ..

Andat the time it was implemented, most nations who signed it had the had the death penalty andcontinued to use it long after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights wasapproved by them.