Use examples for support, either for causes or effects.

On the other hand, your essay might lead to a call for action based on patterns of cause and effect that you have perceived. The essay below, for example, from .

Central Idea: To inform the effects, causes, and solutions of school violence.

Review the section on to see how one student writer began to gather thoughts about a paper on the effects of the weather phenomenon known as El Niño. How far can that paper go? How far into the spring and summer of 1998 could citizens of North America and elsewhere blame weird weather events on El Niño? Are the extraordinarily high prices for lettuce and tomatoes in May and June entirely the fault of California storms spawned by El Niño in February and March? The writer has to determine a cutoff point for pursuing causes back to the Adam and Eve of all causes. A paper that included the causes of this weather phenomenon would be an altogether different matter, also.

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Put another way, cause and effect paragraphs examine what happened and why it happened.

One of the things that the television and movies cause us to do is to formulate stereotypes for people around us who are from various different social and cultural backgrounds. Television and films provide materials out of which we form our very identities. These have created our sense of what our selves mean to ourselves; how we feel about being a male or a female; which class, ethnicity and race, of nationality we belong to, and of our sexuality; and of “us” and “them.” Perhaps the most important misconception that one can derive from the media is that of the other cultures, and thus makes us form some misinterpreted and false assumptions about people who are from a different culture. It is by observing the media that we learn how to behave, and how to think, what to feel, believe and fear of people from other cultures. For example, most of the action movies depict a woman who is in trouble and a man comes to save her. This is a typical stereotyping of the gender, where the woman is depicted as the weaker sex who always needs help from a man to save her life.

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Brainstorming/Outlining Cause/Effect Essay Writing. Examples of advanced cause/effect graphic organizers (PDF) · Common themes and lists of example .

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In this kind of essay, the aim is to explain the causes (reasons) or the effects ( results) of an event or situation. e.g. Causes of air . Sample cause and effect essay .

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Examples of Cause & Effect Paragraphs and Essays. Cause and Effect in "The Dream Animal" by Loren Eiseley · Cause and Effect in Stephen King's "Horror .

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Examples of Cause & Effect Paragraphs and Essays. Cause and Effect in "The Dream Animal" by Loren Eiseley · Cause and Effect in Stephen King's "Horror .