Another common way of abusing a child is (“Child Abuse” 116).

11. Abused children with more positive supports and fewer conflictual relationships were less likely to be depressed than the other maltreated children in the study. The nondepressed maltreated children were also more likely to report that they felt more cared about by their supports than the depressed children.

The second most common way of abusing a child is physical abuse (“Child Abuse” 116).

Furthermore, racial and ethnic minority children can encounter discrimination against their race, color, language, life and family styles, and religious and cultural beliefs that affect their self-esteem and exacerbate the initial and lasting effects of both types of victimization (Wyatt, 1990).

Certain situations increase the risk of child abuse.

This is one of the many causes of child abuse.

in the area of verbal intelligence (Augoustinos, 1987). Some studies have found lowered intellectual functioning and reduced cognitive functioning in abused children (Hoffman-Plotkin and Twentyman, 1984; Perry et al., 1983). However, others have not found differences in intellectual and cognitive functioning, language skills, or verbal ability (Alessandri, 1991; Allen and Oliver, 1982; Elmer, 1977; Lynch and Roberts, 1982).

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The Causes and Effects of Child Abuse

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