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In the UK between 700 and 900 pregnancies each year are affected by neural tube defects that can cause severe disabilities. Mandatory folic acid fortification of bread flour could prevent approximately 150 of these cases.

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The major cause of poverty in Uganda has been the “South-North divide” fuelled by poor political leadership that divides people along the lines of politics and ethnicity.

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Mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression caused or made worse by work are by far the biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK. This statement highlights what employers can do to protect and improve the mental health of their workforce. It calls on employers to both identify and reduce organisational causes of stress in their workplace, by consulting and working in partnership with staff and their representatives.

and incomplete economic infrastructures where they live in

The causes of that poverty are complex. Mr Sainath points to the long-term collapse of markets for farmers' produce. About half of all the suicides occur in the four states of India's cotton belt; the price of cotton in real terms, he says, is a twelfth of what it was 30 years ago. Vandana Shiva, a scientist-turned-campaigner, also links failures of cotton farming with the farmer suicides: she says the phenomenon was born in 1997 when the Indian government removed subsidies from cotton farming. This was also when genetically modified seed was widely introduced.

Poverty also causes malnutrition

It can no more successfully be grafted onto other cultural communities than the Potlatch could successfully be grafted onto Western communities (see Walens S. 1981 Feasting with Cannibals: An Essay on Kwakiutl Cosmology for an excellent examination of the nature of the Kwakiutl Potlatch). Hence the catalogue of failures amassed by those most deeply involved in this enterprise. And hence, also, the disorientation and disruption of communities, and cultural and material poverty of so many people in the world affected by those intent on global modernization.

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Over 7,000 students and staff members from different schools in Pune have been contributing their leftover water back to their schools for watering plants and cleaning toilets, tasks that were earlier done using fresh water. Many more children are gradually joining the cause. Children across Maharashtra’s schools are beginning to implement this simple but highly effective method of conserving water, at a time when the rest of the state is reeling from drought. What they do is simple: they collect leftover water from their water bottles in a large drum installed in their school. This water replaces the fresh water used to water the plants and clean the school premises. “” said Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni, entrepreneurs of this initiative.