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The early Loyalists would seem to show that the hardships they suffered produced descendants who maintained many of the qualities we associate with the Loyalist character. The 1812 veterans believed just as strongly in their cause as the Loyalists did in theirs and made our country the better for it.

But beyond this historical trivia, the War of 1812 has left little to the popular memory.

During the War of 1812-1814, William served as a private in the First Flank Company of the Second Lincoln Regiment (Soldiers of the King: The Upper Canadian Militia 1812-1815, William M. Gray, Stoddart Press, North York 1995. p.136).

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The War of 1812/1814 was just one significant chapter in the book of his illustrious life.

Through the lessons presented here teachers and students can examine not only the causes, battles and results of the War, but also delve into the very “human stories of the war, including those of ordinary citizens and eminent historical characters.”

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Alexander would have been a member of the Sedentary Militia during this time. In 1812 when the alarm bells of war were once again rung, Alexander was appointed Ensign in the 1st Stormont Regiment and served throughout the War.

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Isaiah Cain B.1737 and Leah Adams B. 1738 (married 1762 Canterbury Connecticut), "of Raenslerwick 1775, and, in the Company of Albany and State of New York" - immigrated to Canada in 1789; purportedly following after a Peter Cain (Kane). They acquired a Johnstown District land grant and settled on Lot 15, Concession 3, Yonge - which eventually became Caintown. They are my 5th great grandparents; Leah Adams is from Canterbury Connecticut, and is interwoven with Mayflower descendants. They had five children - David, John (Sr.), Rebecca, Jemima, and Mary. Leah's daughter Mary Cain, my fourth greatgrandparent, married John J. Hogeboom "of Leeds" - he was enlisted in the 1st. Leeds Militia (War of 1812 Certificate). Isaiah died c. 1811 in Caintown; Leah died c. 1806 in Caintown ( reference May 8, 1886 story edition of the Gananoque newspaper).

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David (Roblins) Cain - Private - War of 1812- 1st. Leeds Militia. A David Cain 1 and a David Cain 2, are individually numbered as in Captain MacLean's Sedentary Militia 1814, at Point Henry, Kingstown, On, Can. On this Paylist, - is also a Peter Cane, and John Cane. Peter Cane, David Cane, and John Cane are listed as in "Carley's 1st. Leeds".

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We didn’t know this boy very wellat all, but we knew who he was and where he was. We were afraid forhis life because of something that was going to happen in the very nearfuture. We were aware of a meeting between his father and someoneelse that was going to take place soon and we wanted to try to get him outof his father’s house to a safe place.

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Today, descendants of Daniel Burritt, Sr.'s family who fought in the War of 1812 may be found on both sides of the Canadian-American border, and this a testament to the friendship between the neighboring countries which should be celebrated as much as the war that once divided them is now being commemorated.