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People face challenges every day. Without challenges, life would be trite and boring. However, there are different levels of challenges. A challenge could be something as simple as making a decision. It could also be facing and accepting a total change to one’s way of life. When one leaves their country and home for somewhere new, hopes are often high about where one is going. But moving into a different culture and surroundings is a challenge to any person who faces it. Many different types of people have left their homes for someplace new. The Irish, for example, left their homes of religious persecution and starvation to go to America during the mid 1800’s, hopeful to start anew. More recently, the Brazilians have immigrated from their country to countless other countries, but mostly to America as well. A little less of a challenge would be moving to another town, which can be highly stressful, and sometimes does involve meeting and understanding something almost like a new culture. A challenge is to call into question whether one can confront being in a place that is totally new to hom or her, and understand the culture around him or her.

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The life which is not useful, positive, and contributing is wasted. We don't want to waste this precious gift of life. So, if we spend all of our energy in positivity, we won't have any energy left for negativity or self pity. By seeing life's challenges as positive pinpricks, like acupuncture-- stimulating, not pain-inducing--we can creatively and inspiringly face each day.

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Step one in tackling this prompt is coming up with an "idea or belief" you have questioned or challenged that will lead to a good essay. Keep in mind that the belief could be your own, your family's, a peer's, a peer group's, or a larger social or cultural group's.

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College is all about challenging ideas and beliefs, so this essay prompt engages a key skill for college success. A good college education is not about being spoon fed information that you will regurgitate in papers and exams. Rather, it is about asking questions, probing assumptions, testing ideas, and engaging in thoughtful debate. If you choose essay option #3, make sure you demonstrate that you have these skills.

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Even people who think that they are perfect have problems or challenges to overcome …Instantly Proofread Your Texts And Correct Grammar & Punctuation Now!life is a challenge essay lifeis the ...

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Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the challenges of life ...Free academic essay sample about problems and challenges faced by students in high school, college and university today.