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Before learning how to write, my life was like the nearby Indrasarovar Lake, always stagnant. I had the pain of child marriage, my husband did not support me, abject poverty was my way of life, and I didn’t have any skill or courage to do anything. But I saw that the number of people learning to read and write was growing—and their lives were improving. I then realized it was neither wealth nor beauty that I lacked, but letters.

Postpartum with a newborn, with three other children under the age of five.

A revival of the L.A. River may seem singularly positive, but sometimes lost in the excitement is the reason the river was paved in the first place. The Greatest Generation didn't pave it over for fun — from 1900 to the 1930s, a growing Los Angeles was devastated by seasonal flash floods () emanating from the river. In 1938, the Army Corps was called upon to stop the flooding, so they channelized the river. It worked.

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The guide also offers suggestions for modifying activitiesand equipment for handicapped children. Some of these suggestions are below:

Tip Ray 12, an author, advocate,and inclusive recreation specialist, reiterated the point in an e-mailinterview. "Equal access and opportunity is a civil rights issue," hesaid. "Including children with disabilities in recreation experiencestypical for peers without disabilities is legally mandated in state and federalschool and other civil rights legislation. Using cost of safety as an excuse toexclude them is discriminatory. A recreation program that is well organized andrun should have recognized the diversity and 'special needs' of every childenrolled, as well as taken into account issues of cost and safety for allparticipants. Agencies must budget for the eventuality that a sign languageinterpreter or an extra staff to act as an aide may be needed on occasion. Asfor safety, if it's a concern for one child, it's a concern for all and must beanticipated and dealt with during the program planning phase."

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The Cure Our Children Foundation has developed the following Model Sportsand Recreation Policy for Accommodating Children with Disabilities to promoteintegration of those with disabilities into the main stream of sports teamswherever and whenever possible:

I. Individualized accommodation and adaptation: The coach oradministrator should individually determine the best combination ofaccommodations of equipment, team member assistance, or other suitableaccommodation so that the child with disabilities can participate in the sport.

II. Access: Ingress and Egress: Each child with disabilities shouldbe able to enter and exit easily into the sports arena or playing field wherethe activity is being played. All barriers to entry and exit should beaddressed.

III. Full Appropriate Participation: All accommodation should be designedto achieve the maximum appropriate participation of the disabled childconsidering all factors including the child's abilities and the type of sportsactivity.

IV. Bathrooms, water, medication delivery devices, walking equipment,wheelchairs and other equipment: Children with disabilities will have access asneeded to bathrooms and water at any time, and all equipment, devices, orfacilities needed for accommodation will be welcomed.

V. Training and discussion with team members and parents: The coachor administrator will discuss the accommodation and encourage team members andparents to support the child with disabilities with the aim of maintaining thedisabled child's privacy, self-confidence and full participation. Makingfun of or otherwise disturbing the disabled child will not be allowed. Allteam members will be made aware of any physical contact restrictions or otherrestrictions.

VI. Annual Review: Each year, the coach or administrator will review thedisability accommodation plan.

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If all else fails, parents can file lawsuits on their children's behalf toforce an agency, organization, or other entity to comply with the ADA. They canalso lodge a complaint with the Department of Justice.

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Now,let me just tell you a wonderful story, a story about children already workingin the spirit of the ADA -- a story that really touched me," Bush said."Across the nation, some 10,000 youngsters with disabilities are part ofLittle League's Challenger Division. Their teams play just like others, but --and this is the most remarkable part -- as they play, at their sides arevolunteer buddies from conventional Little League teams. All of these playerswork together. They team up to wheel around the bases and to field grounderstogether and, most of all, just to play and become friends. We must let thesechildren be our guides and inspiration. "