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Roman history, as well as many valuablelessons and examples of patriotism, civic courage and fortitude, and severalstraightforward discussions by many of Rome's leading citizens of the moralprinciples requisite for those holding public office. Marcus Tullius Cicero (106BC - 43 BC), popularly referred to as "Tully" in early America, was a manof diverse talents and energies.

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This philosophical/ethical essayconsists of three
books which Cicero dedicated to his son, Marcus, a twenty-one yearold university student in Athens.

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He also closely examined the philosophical content of the Ciceronian text,and the eloquence and expression of his language.

He tooacknowledges the passing away of William Floyd and then answers Adams'inquiry about the existence of the word "": "Your doubtof the legitimacy of the word is resolved by Cicero, whoin his letter to Lucceius expresses a wish ." Jefferson'stotal familiarity with the text of Cicero's 5.12 (SelectionI) can be traced to his school years, but, long after his formal educationceased, he also reread all Cicero's letters in 1819.At this late period in his life, Jefferson was examining these lettersfor an explanation of the political motivations of Cicero and Caesar, orat least that was the reason which he gave to John Adams in a letter of10 December 1819:

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Later in life, while serving as the vice-president of his countryand while apparently seeking some guidance in the conduct of his officialduties, Adams mentions this essay of Cicero in his on 13 August1796: