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Sometime that year my mother began to consult with her, wanting her as an ally in monitoring bad habits of mine, trying to get me to mend my ways. After that, I had both a parent and a teacher criticizing such things as my unhealthy eating, the irregular hours I kept doing my homework, and my habit of reading novels not related to my assignments. My various health problems concerned my mother. Our family doctor said I should eat liver regularly, along with iron-rich foods for my anemia. I resisted, especially the liver. Also insomnia had long troubled me. When I tried to fall asleep but couldn’t, I argued that surely turning to any bookish occupation was healthier than tossing for hours in silence and darkness. With no distraction, what could I do but count my worries as I marked time when I tried to drift off into sleep?

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Hunter changed my life. Influenced by Mrs. Lilienthal, I grew fascinated with Biology and scientific processes generally, and particularly studied the biographies of scientists who advanced their fields. During those three years, stirred by my classmates and many teachers, I began to realize how much more I needed to learn, especially about reading widely and writing clearly. However far I still had to go emotionally, Mrs. Lilienthal helped by expecting better of me, even while she spoke sharply against my lapses.

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Americans not on welfare complain about the unfairness it causes, but have yet to propose a better plan.

After remarks about the issue’s focus on biological concerns from our allied countries, we refer to the hope inherent in calling this the Last War. My articles treated The Netherlands, Polynesia and the East Indies, stressing the need to continue scientific efforts.

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Hi! I am a single mom of a 6 month old! I go to college full time for Business:Office Specialist. So therefore I do not have a job. I need help with living expensives because my mother kicked me and my son out when my son was 3 months and we just have been living here and there so far. I’ve been trying to get into a low-income apartment in my town for about 3 months now and I keep getting the run around. I would be so great ful if I could get some more grants so I am able to get my son and I a place to live! Any Info would be great!!

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This essay is about my strong family heritage of serving in the military and why I joined the Air Force, some of my personal experiences that are memorable since joining, and my current role in supporting the A...

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I am a single mother of a 3 year old, who is back in college. I have been accepted to Clemson University this fall for Engineering. I am trying to find any means to help with housing, day care, tuition, and other expenses. I know there are grants out there for single mothers who are trying to better their lives but, I am hitting a brick wall. It is frustrating since I know that there are people out there that do not really need the help and are able to get it. I am not about to give up on my education for the simple fact that once I have completed it, I will be able to ensure that I will always be able to stand on my own two feet.

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The advisors could even learn from the single parents about services they may need which the college lacks, and they would be able to advocate for those improvements to make college life more manageable and rewarding for single parents, which could increase the population of this special group and improve the college’s bottom line.