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I find these new topics to be uninspiring and unlikely to trigger much interesting thought, but if a student is able to find a topic that truly interests him or her, I believe most essays could be shoe-horned into one of these topics. I will suggest that my daughter should come up with a topic of her choice first, and fit it into one of these questions afterwards.

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There is a real disconnect between what Admission Committee Representatives in the Info Sessions say they are looking for and these essay topics. College Reps say they would like to know something interesting about you that isn’t revealed in your application. Your essay is supposed to add “texture” to your application. These new essay topics will produce really boring essays, with many students beating their own chests or writing sad tales about a death in the family or another type of loss. Bring back the topic of choice!

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Kleeman’s article remains a master class in how to approach the Common App essay.

Is it just me, or are we missing the point that part of the prompt is, in fact, to stay between 250 and 500 words? Not following directions certainly does not do you any favors. I agree that it’s arbitrary, but if I were an admissions officer, I would automatically put a super long essay in the “rejection” pile without reading it. Of course, no one will know if you wrote 502 words, or, heck maybe even 530. However, if you’re on the cusp of writing 150% of the MAXIMUM, you clearly don’t care enough to do what is asked, and that reflects poorly, regardless of the quality of the syntax and grammar or the content. Part (well, the majority) of your writing is addressing the proper audience, and they happen to care about length.

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I’d recommend others to also start working on shorter essays before tackling the long essay; in the process, you’ll find which topics work better than others.

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For the first topic, most students don’t (have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it).

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My essay fluctuated between 800 and 650 while I was drafting and my final product was 630 words. It took a lot of effort and time to get it down to 498 words but it was worth it. There’s no random fluff stuck to the end of sentences. I had to make sure that every sentence was relevant and important. I know that what I wrote about I could have expanded for pages longer but I also know that was I wrote is an accurate representation of my personal thoughts and reflections, written in a concise, clear manner in my own voice. For the common application that’s what matters.

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This request seems a little strange to me. I would not enourage my child to send her essay to the New York Times before she submits it on her common app.

What You Need to Know About the New Common App Essay Prompts ..

Comparing it to my extended essay for the University of Chicago (706 words), my Common App essay is definitely not as well written, nor is it as creative. However, it does everything that it needs to do. Forcing myself to write a short essay was much harder than having free reign, but in the end, it demonstrates economy of language and forced me to carefully consider word choice and the effectiveness of what I was trying to say.