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A 2-component, study abroad course with initial classroom preparation and subsequent travel to Mexico. An immersive learning experience in Mexican law, culture, and politics. Topics include: corporate governance, immigration and migration, and international human rights.

EQUITY AND COMMON LAW Outline Introduction The reasons behind the creation of equity

Ostendit deinde ex prima terrarum occupatione posse populo ut venandi ius,ita piscandi in suo flumine competere, et postquam illa semel ab antiquacommunione separata sunt, ita ut particularem applicationem admittant,praescriptione temporis eius, cuius initi memoria non exstet, quasi tacitapopuli concessione acquiri posse. Hoc autem per praescriptionem contingere, nonper consuetudinem, quia solius acquirentis condicio melior fiat, reliquorumvero deterior. Et cum tria enumerasset quae requiruntur, ut ius proprium influmine piscandi praescribatur:

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Roosevelt had no such scruples, though even what he did now looks modest compared to the powers that the Federal Government has since usurped.

Hence it is a mistake to think that the supreme or legislative power of any commonwealth can do what it will, and dispose of the estates of the subject arbitrarily, or take any part of them at pleasure.

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The publication of the treatise on the law of prize is important as showingthat the author of the was already anaccomplished international lawyer, and it proves beyond peradventure that the masterpiece of1625 on the “Law of War and Peace” was not a hurried production, but theculmination of study and reflection extending over twenty years and more. Moreimportant still is the fact that neither the law of prize nor the was a philosophic exercise, for it appearsthat Grotius had been retained by the Dutch East India Company to justify thecapture by one of its ships of a Portuguese galleon in the straits of Malaccain the year 1602; that the treatise on the law of prize, of which the is a chapter, was in the nature of a brief;and that the first systematic treatise on the law of nations—The Law of War andPeace—was not merely a philosophical disquisition, but that it was the directoutgrowth of an actual case and of professional employment.

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A study of basic trademark and unfair competition law to include false advertising and the right of publicity, with a focus on federal trademark statutes, state law protection, and the Federal Trade Commission’s role.

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In this battle of books, to use the happy expression of Professor Nys, theDutch Scholar has had the better of his English antagonist. If it cannot besaid that Grotius wears his learning “lightly like a flower”, the treatise ofSelden is, in comparison, over-freighted with it; the is still an open book, the isindeed a closed one, and as flotsam or jetsam on troubled waters, Chapter XIIof the Law of Prize rides the waves, whereas its rival, heavy and water-logged,has gone under.