Macdonald was one of Canada's founding fathers.

However, I believe that despite the significance of events such as the British encouragement of uniting its North American colonies, the central and key reason for confederation was the fear of potential American (Yankee) inhabitance (whether by persuasion or invasion) of the divided and vast British North American c...

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Cancellation of Reciprocity Treaty Great Britain wanted colonies to be self-sufficient Threat of American Expansion Expansion into the West People involved in 6 Reasons for Confederation Political Deadlock was when Canada East&West couldn't decide on anything together, therefore decisions couldn't be made and that is what caused the Political Deadlock.

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There was a series of events which led to the confederation of Canada, some which are more significant than others.

Boniface at the Red River Settlement of Canada (present-day Winnipeg, Manitoba) on October 22, 1844, Louis Riel hoped one day to follow his father’s footsteps and become a great Métis leader just like him.

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In 2003, Paige Raibmon published her article, “Living on Display: Colonial Visions of Aboriginal Domestic Spaces.” Her work, although focused on Canada’s colonial “notions of domesticity,” presents the role of Aboriginals as performers to European notions of indigenous culture and identity....

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Although residential schools are usually considered part of the assimilative policies that the Canadian government directed at Indigenous peoples from the 1880s onward, their roots lie deeper. The first residential facilities were developed in by to provide care and schooling. These early attempts, like a similar institution in colonial , failed abysmally; as people were largely autonomous and Europeans depended on them economically and militarily, the colonial administration was unable to compel Indigenous peoples to participate in the schools. However, residential schools became an enduring phenomenon with the creation of , and Roman Catholic institutions in () from the 1830s onward. These colonial experiments set the pattern for post-Confederation policies.

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The more they considered taking over the responsibility for their own affairs from England, however, the greater trust they had to place in Confederation.”25 Confederation struck a balance between the rights of English and French speaking Canadians.

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The Treaty of Alliance with France (1778) and the Peace Treaty with England (1783) are among the best examples of treaties under the Articles of Confederation.

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These lands were “usually in less desirable locations and discouraged any successful transition to agriculture”.24
The British North America Act went into effect July 1st, 1867 creating a union known as the Dominion of Canada, but this did not complete the debate on the Confederation issue.