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The Club and many other conservation groups support the SHARE Act for its pro-sportsmen's titles that will help ensure outdoor hunting traditions are preserved, protected and promoted.

This is the result of a world that failed to understand the importance of wildlife conservation.

Conservation of private and public forestland is of critical importance to NACD. Modern challenges - including invasive species, pests, and disease - have taken their toll on our forests; but we're here to help change that.

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One of the missions of the Boone and Crockett Club is to disseminate knowledge to ensure that many are passionate about wildlife conservation.

Its mission includes promoting conservation and management of wildlife and their habitats, upholding the highest standards of fair-chase sportsmanship and maintaining records of native North American big game species.

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We write representing organizations that collectively include millions of wildlife conservationists, hunter conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts, and wildlife scientists, in strong support of HJ Res.

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The Boone and Crockett Club believes some of these ballot initiatives actually harm wildlife populations, as they place at risk the most successful system of wildlife conservation in the world that is directly responsible for the abundant and thriving wildlife populations everyone values.

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The award is given annually to the organization or entity that best exemplifies excellence in conservation and wildlife and land stewardship - core values of the Boone and Crockett Club and its founder, Theodore Roosevelt.

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"What is often overlooked is that the most successful system of wildlife conservation ever devised - the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation - would not have been possible without sportsmen and their right to own and use firearms."

Public ownership of firearms was instrumental to the birth of the conservation movement in North America and still contributes to its continued success.

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"With public misperceptions about hunting on the rise and increasing questions about hunting practices and new technology, we feel it is time to re-visit this fundamental part of hunter's conservation ethic."

The concept of fair chase--the ethical pursuit of a game animal in the field--emerged over 125 years ago at a time of environmental crisis when many formerly abundant wildlife populations in North America were on the brink of extinction.