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Credit cards interest rate is constantly compounding; means the interest charges are added into the principal so that the total debt will continue to grow exponentially.

Now, examine the terms of one of your credit cards or other revolving debt.

Given all of the above, credit cards still cause problems for most people more often than they provide benefits. Most of these problems come in the form of excess consumer debt, which arises when one carries a balance on the credit card while paying the absolute minimum each month. These problems occur when one begins looking at the credit line of your credit card as simply bonus money that you now have to spend. Instead you need to allocate existing funds for every purchase you make on a credit card. This way you know that you will be paying off that principal balance at the first of next month rather than carrying for your foreseeable future.

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Whats next?" alt="I was served with court papers for a unpaid credit card debt.

6. Many Americans find themselves amassing large amounts of credit card (or other revolving) debt at an early age. What advice concerning the use of credit cards and the fees they charge would you provide to a young adult planning on getting a credit card?

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In his essay, “The Lure of Easy Credit Leaves Students Struggling with Debt,” Hoover effectively argues his position through significant references and by successfully rebutting the opposition.

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The main reason for this is because the student’s aren’t given enough knowledge on paying their debt on time as well as the credit card companies that harass college students daily....

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Hoover explains how college students are not prepared to deal with the financial responsibilities associated with managing credit cards and why credit debt companies specifically target college students....

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What steps could you take to pay off this credit card (or debt) sooner? Determine the percentage of the principal that you need to pay down in order to pay off the credit card in the time frame of your choosing.