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One of the finest novels ever written, Jane Eyre is also one of the most misunderstood masterpieces of world literature. Whereas most modern teaching of the text misreads or misinterprets Charlotte Brontë's devout and profoundly ingrained Christian faith and intentions, this critical edition emphasizes the semi-autobiographical dimension of the novel, exposing feminist critiques of the work as being woefully awry and illustrating Brontë's belief in the hard-earned, hard-learned blessings of sanctity and reverence.

How and why does Bronte present sex as a dangerous activity in Jane Eyre?

The writer has us by the hand, forces us along her road, makes us see what she sees, never leaves us for a moment or allows us to forget her. At the end we are steeped through and through with the genius, the vehemence, the indignation of Charlotte Bronte. Remarkable faces, figures of strong outline and gnarled feature have flashed upon us in passing; but it is through her eyes that we have seen them.

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Jane Eyre: a Marxist PerspectiveMoney plays an influential role throughout the book.

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Fairfax says, "...John and his wife are very decent people; but you see they are only servants, and one can't converse with them on terms of equality...for fear of losing one's authority" (113)
Various social ranks appear in _Jane Eyre_.

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