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Ed. Rob Watt. Six concordances with wordlists: P.B. Shelley's ; Coleridge's ; Keats's 1819; Blake's ; Wordsworth and Coleridge's 1798; Gerard Manley Hopkins' First Edition, 1918. Also software to make your own concordance.

Keats explains this because always at the end of summer you it has been too hot for to long.

In conclusion I found John Keats poem 'Ode To Autumn' very unique and
interesting because it is more like a short story than a poem because
it progresses along the story of autumn so beautifully.

s "Ode to the West Wind" and John Keats

However, this is not the case in John Keats’s poem, Ode on a Grecian Urn.

Sandy, Mark. Sandy contends that the Romantic poets revived the traditions of the romance world, affirming their own beliefs in the dualities of innocence and experience, life and death, surface and depth, and the ideal and the real. For Keats these relations are often portrayed as an auto-erotic journey that indicates the risks of confusing fiction and fact. 20 (2000).

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Turley, Richard Marggraf. Turley discusses Keats's frequently noted immaturity, and asks whether the poet had at last "grown up" in the "Ode to Autumn." 28 (2002).

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Contents: Overview, Keats and Romanticism, Themes in Keats's Major Poems, Keats's Odes's, Keats's Imagery, Paintings and Illustrations of Keats's Poems, and more. Prof. Lilia Melani, ed.

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Kenyon Jones, Christine. How early nineteenth century ideas of evolution, associated with geology and paleontology, influenced the writing of Keats and other romantics. 24 (2001).

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Kimberly, Caroline E. The (Un)Intentional Queering of John Keats." On the development of Keats's reputation among Victorian writers. "By closely examining the publications and private correspondence of the Keats Circle during the 1820s and 1830s, one can see various patterns to the biographical development of Keats, particularly in relation to their subject's masculinity. From the widespread eulogies immediately following the poet's death, to Hunt's 1828 biographical sketch in , to Brown's 1836 biography manuscript, threads are spun simultaneously of Keats as icon of middle-class masculinity, perpetually youthful Aesthetic ideal, and object of queered desire." 36-37 (2004-2005).

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Keats’ poem six stanzas of ten lines each in iambic pentameter, he begins his poem with a passage from Matthew 6:28, “They toil not, neither do they spin”, he uses this as reference for describing the three figures of the poem....

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Mizukoshi, Ayumi. Mizukoshi discusses upward mobility, liberal and middle-class values, and the idea of the gentleman in the cases of Leigh Hunt and John Keats. 14 (1999).