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6. Give examples of the kinds of support (statistics,graphs, video, testimony, stories, examples) used by the speaker. Were theyeffective? Did they contribute to the speech?

This critique stems from a misreading both of Senate process and of McCain’s speech

But even for students who do not continue with competition, confidence with public speaking is an essential skill, vital for those who would pursue a future in teaching, in leadership, in entrepreneurship, in freedomship.
Assuming no previous experience, I introduce in this “public speaking boot camp” the most important basic concepts for organizing and presenting a speech, give ample opportunity for practice, and teach students how to effectively critique and encourage each other.

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Comparison critique a public speaking event in governor of the speech content and grace.

(This is a custom speech critique. The names have been changed to protect the speaker. You won't understand all the comments because you did not hear the speech. If you order one of these for yourself it will be customized and +very detailed just like the two critiques below.)