How Do I Make My Essay Double Spaced

If you are using a word processor, take some time to get the layout right. Double space, with an extra space between paragraphs. The first line of a paragraph should be indented. Number the pages, and put in a header with the short title of the essay and your name in it. A4 paper. If you want to beautify it with illustrations, drop capitals, a beautiful title page, hand illuminated or gold leaf embellishments, that's fine, though it's not expected. (I should perhaps stress that the gold leaf is a joke.) And: make sure you use the spelling checker, before you print it.

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Instead of boson & fermionparticles, the universe is proposed to be made of Planck-length boson & fermion strings — two-dimensional entities vibrating in ten-dimensionalspace-time.

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Strings vibrate in ten dimensions, six of which are tightly coiled in on an unmeasurably small scale and four of which are in conventional space-time.

Can I ask you what I should do if i could not understand tha meaning of the words in the statement 🙁
And should we leave a space before the first paragraph?