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For example, your introduction, then I will add up another sentence saying “In this essay, I will tackle view points on why i agree on the idea of introducing sport to school curriculum.

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Describe not telling I grew tired after dinner Telling As I leaned back and rested my head against the top of the chair, Descriptive Essays What is Descriptive Essay?

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Please note that some of the above ideas are not connected to the exact essay question (for example, they include ideas about banning phones in hospitals or museums – these are ideas just to help you with the general topic rather than the exact essay question)

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Hi Liz. I have a concern on how to use the pronoun I in the introduction. I often read that it is not advisable to use the pronoun I and I want to ask what to write if the essay asks for the opinion of the test taker? for example: what is your opinion?, to what extent do you agree or disagree?.. thanks a lot.

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It is the wrong approach. If you wish to give an opinion of both, you must quantify it. Here’s an example “I think that parents are the best teachers for very young children under the age of five but from that age, teachers are better to educate them”. This is an acceptable opinion for IELTS. You MUST avoid changing the essay question into a discussion essay with equal weight on both sides.
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For example, with this essay, I started to write about students would also learn about their own body, how its functions, that foods to avoid, etc, which would prevent them from eating the wrong kind of food. -> would that be off topic? I wasn’t sure if “physical education” only refers to doing physical activities.

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Sure. Some teacher recommend having only one sentence. Personally, I think you should make that decision in your test on the day and depending on your essay. If you are worried about word count, have two sentences instead.

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If then, on the essay, should I write this viewpoint on the introduction, and then in body 1, I write why is it good to have physical education lessons in school, and in body 2, write the importance of diet?
So in the conclusion it will be like, ‘introduction of exercise and physical education sessions in school will benefit people’s weight control, however, the result can be maximized if a well balanced diet is combined’ something like that?